The AXA Research guide on Resilient Cities was launched this week  for the World Urban Forum (February 7th form February 13th)  world’s premier conference on urban issues established by the United Nations.

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Medidas Para Mejorar La Calidad Del Aire Urbano

Esta Guía presenta los resultados del Proyecto LIFE AIRUSE (LIFE11 ENV/ES/584) ofreciendo una compilación de las medidas actuales y de los últimos avances para la mejora de la calidad del aire en las ciudades.


Measures to reduce traffic non-exhaust emissions

Non-exhaust particle emissions from road traffic consist of airborne particulate matter (PM) generated by the wearing down of brakes, clutches, tyres and road surfaces, as well as by the suspension of road dust. The vast Read more…


LIFE Award

Our AIRUSE Project was recently awarded with the People’s Choice LIFE Award during EU Green Week (Europe’s biggest environmental event) by the EC Commissioner Karmenu Vella